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Modular Partitions

Wall Partitions, Ceiling Partitions & Door

Airwin offers complete range of economical & innovative solutions for manufacturing complete range of cleanroom products. We deliver modular clean room partitions which are suitable for industrial demands complying with the requirements of standard GMP guidelines.

Modular cleanrooms are designed to suit the specific requirement of the customers and allow them to expand or modify as per their business requirements. The modular cleanroom components are impact, chemical and water resistant, non-shedding, non-out-gassing, have excellent fire ratings, can be sanitized and are essentially maintenance free.

  •     Flexibility and adaptability.
  •     Easy to add-on or relocate.
  •     Predictable performance.
  •     Regulatory compliance
  •     Consistent quality.
  •     Completely flush panel system.
  •     Fully integrated aseptic envelope.
  •     Easy process integration.
  •     Mild dew, moisture and fungal resistant.

Type of components MOC Infill
Wall panel / Inbuilt raiser Galvanized steel Polyurethane foam (PUF)
Ceiling panel Stainless steel Craft paper
Flush doors / Emergency doors Epoxy polyester powder coated Aluminum honey comb
View panels / Windows Epoxy polyester pre-coated Glass wool
Return air risersGlass reinforced plastics (GRP)