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Dispensing / Sampling Booths

Dispensing booth provides a safe, HEPA filtered environment for the dispensing of hazardous drug powders. They are required to detect contamination as even a little amount of contamination may damage the product.

Dispensing booth work on the principle of recirculation of air and ensure that the cloud formed by the material dispensed is absorbed in the natural pattern and is arrested by pre filters & fine filters. Air is pulled away from user through rear-wall pre-filters, fine filters and recirculated through ceiling-mounted high efficiency particulate air (HEPA) filter. The air is supplied back to the work zone with the help of HEPA filters. Surrounding environment is protected by maintaining negative pressure environment inside the booth.

  • Statically & dynamically balanced motor.
  • Three stage filtration (Pre-fine & HEPA) can be accommodated.
  • Compact ceiling and rear plenums maximize usable work area while minimizing floor space.
  • Energy-efficient tear-drop light fittings that minimize airflow disruption.
  • Different workspace dimensions as per user  requirement.
  • Compatible to PLC / BMS.