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Air Showers

Our clean room air shower systems are factory fabricated enclosures that play vital role in removing surface particles from personnel & material prior to entering and exiting from a controlled environmental area.

The filtration system comprises of high velocity HEPA-filtered air jets with velocities of 25-30m/s. Contaminated air is drawn through the base within the unit, filtered and recirculated. Each system is equipped with high quality air filtration systems, motors, controls, air blowers, interlocking doors, adequate lighting fittings, electrical panel and micro-processor based controls etc.

  • Completely self-contained, adjustable nozzles to remove surface contaminants.
  • Versatile design allows you to position the air shower inside or outside the clean room.
  • Equipped with interlocking doors(automatically released when power fails).
  • Economical to use and easy maintenance.
  • Emergency stop buttons on both doors that immediately deactivate interlocks and halt air shower.
  • All range of optional and standard air shower accessories.